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Video update from the trail of making,
Strigoi, the Real Vampires of Transylvania.”

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  • On a bus
    bumpy roads somewhere in Transylvania …

I was two years old with a delicate stomach and a propensity for extroversion. My dad told me to sing, and so I did.
The loud engine of the pungent diesel-smelling vehicle faded into the background as I became the entertainer.

  • A small house, between train tracks, a creek and a cemetery …
    a village somewhere in Transylvania

I mastered pretend-playing the piano on every surface.
I swam in the engine oil-covered creek, believed in witches and werewolves, loved flowers, trees and snails most of all.
Summer rain and Alexandre Dumas.
Sledding through the cemetery at night.

  • An communist-issue apartment building, 8th floor
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I ran up and down the stairs. The kind of running you dream of when you never run out of breath. Play-pretend was made true by five men hand-carrying a 700-kilo piano up the 8 flights of stairs.
My room: a small bed, a shelf overflowing with books and my new friend, a 100-year old Lauberger & Gloss. I sat under that piano with a great white plush dog an invented stories.
How not to be alone.

  • Years later, a cabin in the woods …
    somewhere in Northern California, USA

I had a dream. I grabbed my iPhone 4, a couple of willing friends and made my first film.
All Sales Final” (2014) is a seven-minute silent, black & white film about a man who’s tired of living but doesn’t have the courage to end his own life. He finds an ad in the paper for an elimination agency and places an order for his own assassination. He changes his mind but all sales are final.

“All Sales Final” got accepted into several film festivals and got an award for best short film. Next, came a short documentary. “Transilvania Frumoasa” (Transylvania the Beautiful). It premiered at Nevada City Film Festival in California and screened at Bernal Heights Film Festival and Ozark Shorts (2015).

  • Northern California
    the Bay Area, California

I wrote/directed/edited and scored twelve short films in one year only available to people on my mailing list. If you’d like watch these movies go to http://bit.ly/IngridsList and I’ll roll out the red carpet.

  • Planes, trains and automobiles …
    Transylvania, Egypt, USA, Switzerland and back to Transylvania

I embark on my wildest ride with the help of Kickstarter and my amazing supporters and set out to make a feature documentary about real vampires and strigoi in Transylvania.
You can watch a video updates on my YouTube channel.

In the meantime, I get hired to direct Free Trip to Egypt, a feature documentary about a man who wants to change the world by giving free trips to Egypt to seven Americans who are either afraid of or not familiar with Muslim culture.
June 2019 NYC and LA sold-out theatrical premieres are followed by a 500-theatre release across the USA.

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