April Flowers

It’s April, and the flowers are blooming. There are lots of daffodils and freesias in my neighborhood. Ahhh, nothing like the smell of spring.

I’ve been up to some stuff:

  • Releasing a New Single.

Someday” is a song Forest and I wrote and recorded while we were in Tucson, AZ working on his album “Just Begun.” If you love it and want to support us, download it from iTunes here http://bit.ly/SomedaybyIngrid

  • A cool Video for SF Critic by rock ‘n roll photographer, Victoria Smith (above). She filmed us in her car while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.
  • Brand new WEBSITE at www.IngridSerban.com
  • aaaaand one very exciting still-kinda-secret project! I’ll give you a hint … later
  • Forest Sun Cruise coming up this summer.
  • Sage Brush Festival in Oklahoma on June 7th

Cant wait to see you all.

Thank you for reading and write back when you can.


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