It’s August!

Maybe it’s my european upbringing, but summer doesn’t really fee like its’ here until August arrives. Which makes me wonder … shouldn’t the word “summarize” refer to getting ready for summer activities?

Since the last time I wrote, we moved once and getting ready to move again this weekend. San Francisco, here we come. I already miss Mill Valley but we won’t be that far away and besides, I’m ready for a city adventure.

Here’s the video I told you about in my last letter. We went and visited Jesse Aycock in Tulsa, OK and video-ed a couple of songs on his porch.

Forest Sun, Ingrid Serban, Jesse Aycock

In the film news: I submitted All Sales Final to a few festivals and waiting to hear back. The waiting, the waiting, the waiting! Maybe I should just summerize some more. It’s August, after-all.

12109042_10153079693580009_8457924311373190904_nIn sadder news, my great aunt passed away las month. She was one of the sweetest, most kind and caring people I have ever met. She was part of the inspiration for writing our Grandma’s House song. Her passing made me think long and hard about expectations, the role of women in the family and in the world and hardship and the joy inspite of it. I’ll be writing a post about her and these thoughts on my blog soon. Feel free to subscribe and let me know your thoughts. BLOG


August 23rd
Socket Sessions in Saratoga, CA
hosted by Jenn & Mark Miller
more info coming soon.

The Forest Sun Cruise is happening in a little more than a week. Very excited about it. I’ll be posting photos of that adventure on TWITTER & FB

Thanks for reading and watching and supporting us,



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