Humphrey Robot Makes a Wish

With under an hour before the midnight bell rings, here comes Humphrey, a sweet robot who’s greatest wish is to have a friend.

There’s so much more work I would like to do on this film but I ran out of time. I would like to spend more time on the music and so much more. But, like I set out to do, I’m going to be ok with it being imperfect. I think Humphrey’s got a beating heart.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll write a blog post about how I made this film and composed the music which proved to be the seed of the entire story.

(For the password of this film, please email me. I will add you to my mailing list and send you the password to watch Humphrey’s film.)
The direct link to watch “Humphrey Robot Makes A Wish” is here
(a little under 4 minutes)

Humphrey Robot Makes a Wish, an animated film by Ingrid Serban

It’s been a very busy month with not only making this film but creating a kickstarter video for Forest. You can see it HERE. I’m pretty proud of it. It’s a release on vinyl of his most beloved album, “Walk Though Walls” plus two new songs that I sang on (boy did I sing. ha! … I’m not kidding. There are some notes in dog hearing range.) If you’d like to support his (our) music you can go to the campaign and make a pledge.

One more pat on the back for me. Forest’s fund raising video is my second one of that kind and Kickstarter is featuring it as a project they ❤ . Two out of two! I’m setting a high bar for myself.

Forest Sun on Kickstarter

Thank you SO much for watching my films, listening to my music for writing me and encouraging me. You’re the best!!


PS. A ton of thanks to Cassie for lending me her camera and to Al for making that adorable extroverted goat.

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