Blowing Candles

Sometimes I like to start my letters to you by stating the obvious. Just so that you can say, “I know, right?”

It’s the last day of November and I’m still in Romania chasing vampires.

For this month’s film, I had a couple of road blocks so I ended up creating something quite different than what I had in mind. My intention was to make a short film about a gravedigger philosopher. He agreed to it 2 weeks ago but kept having stuff come up. He was either on the barricades or in the trenches, as he put it, and I was to call him again the next day after 3 pm. Repeatedly. I even agreed to go to his 4 am church service where I was to learn how to never die. I’m not talking about the typical resurrection. It’s the other typical method: just don’t die at all.
I’m joking here a bit but in all seriousness he did have a compelling argument, which is why I wanted to tell you his story. I’m still planning on interviewing him for the big movie. Speaking of, I’m posting weekly video updates here.

Instead of giving you serious and deep thoughts to ponder this month, I am offering you something much more useful. Have you ever had trouble blowing out candles? Then you will relate. If you are an expert, then you can watch this and feel good about, well, being an expert.


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