Paris in September

Ingrid Serban

Summer’s is gracefully bowing at the end of her show.
Did you enjoy some sunshine somewhere?
The Parisians take off for a whole month!! I’m still in awe at such extravagance.

Last time I wrote you I was in San Francisco. Almost 3 months later, I am writing to you from Paris.
A whole lotta life happened.
I finished the “Free Trip to Egypt” US tour (more info on how you can watch it, below), went to Romania for 6 weeks and now I am back in Paris.

I wish I could tell you everything that happened since June but it would make for a very long letter. What doesn’t kill you simply doesn’t kill you. I don’t know if it made me stronger.

… in just a few words 

I bought a one-way ticket to Romania and decided I would face my ghosts; greatest fears, greatest hopes, stuff I never dared say to the people who matter the most. I stayed for 6 weeks. During that time, I spent 10 days in my grandma’s old house. No one lives there now. I let my tears fall on the old dust and hoped the mud would make me see.

I found some things.
pieces of my heart, mostly.
I found beauty without
and fierceness within
tender skin with a lion’s heart
a vast lake with depths uncharted
I found a light that feels like home.

… in other news

Paris is a good place to miss California in. 
The work on Strigoi continues with my French team.
Step by step, my vision becomes clearer. 
For now.

Free Trip to Egypt” is now available on Cinema on Demand though TUGG. You can request a screening in your town or join one that’s already happening. 

Larkspur, CA – Sept 6, 8, 10
Albany, CA – Sept 12th
Providence, RI – Sept 17th
Huston, TX – Sept 26th

If you want to host or join a screening in your town, visit the TUGG website HERE.

“…effectively moving…”
Los Angeles Times

That’s about it from me. 
If you’d like to see my Romania journey in photos you can head over to my INSTAGRAM page.

If you feel like replying, do it.
I’ll write back.


Post scriptum …

San Francisco, CA
My short doc, “The Shepherd,” is screening here tomorrow.
It’s about Sergiu, my shepherd friend from my grandma’s village. 

Friday, Sept 6th @6pm 
500 Cortland Avenue 
San Francisco, CA
FREE admission

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