New things are brewing in my musical cauldron …

Finding my voice after decades of singing other people’s songs is no small matter.
I am thrilled to be sharing my new songs with you.

You can join me for weekly live stream show on the social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch) Thursdays at 12PM PST.


You can download “Leaves” from your favorite store HERE.

I will continue to release my music through music videos on YouTube (public) and will premiere new songs through live-streaming shows on Stageit (private).
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on StageIt.

Tune into my show from the comfort of your home.

Voting Member of the Recording Academy.

The past …

Walk Through Walls – bonus tracks (harmonies)
Someday – single (ITunes)
Tomorrow is a Long Time – single (ITunes)
Just Begun – full album (harmonies, vocal production)
Grandma’s House – single (ITunes)
Just for Fun – Songs for the Little Ones – full album (featured on “All the Pretty Little Horses”)
The Fantastiks – Luisa (musical)
Broadway in the Basement – Lead (musical)
Dialogue of the Carmelites – Sister Constance of St. Denis (opera)
Lakmé – Mallika (opera)
Dido and Aeneas – First Witch (opera)

Photo by Victoria Smith